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I tip my hat to the team of Silver and Gold for Cash for its expertise, professionalism and attention in making all their customers happy. Last week I organized a Silver and Gold for Cash party at home. In addition to having raised more than 500$ in commission and bonuses, all my guests left with pockets full of money and a smile. Thank you for a successful party!


What a great afternoon ! A few weeks ago , I came across an ad by Silver and Gold for Cash by chance . WE BUY ALL YOUR OLD GOLD OR SILVER JEWELRY ! Intrigued, I called and after my conversation with one of their representatives , Iagreed to host a party at my house. Yes yes, a Gold Party! ! What an incredible experience. Throughout the process , I was guided and advised. Silver and Gold for Cash gave me many tools to organize a successful party , and the least I can say today is that my birthday was an unexpected success ! After 3 hours of work on their part and 16 clients ( 16 friends met , more than half chose to hold a Gold Party in turn ) , I received 550$ in commission and a 150$ bonus for a total of 700$. I loved my experience and I suggest that everyone try their luck , you have nothing to lose … Only money to win !


I can’t believe the fun we had and the money everyone made at my SILVER AND GOLD CASH PARTY! When inviting my friends, I said “it’s the only party where you leave your wallet at home and go back home with money!” And it’s potential money that’s sitting in your drawers. At first, I thought that I had no gold or silver, but when I started looking I can’t believe the jewellery I found that was sitting in my drawers for years. I found 3 earrings that I had lost 1 of the pairs, broken gold chains, rings that didn’t fit me anymore, or that were really out of style. I was expecting to get around $250 for all my stuff, and when my representative told me that I made $755 for all of it, I nearly fainted. This was the reaction of all my friends. They were so happy to get this extra money that they didn’t even know they had. What was even more amazing was the 10% I made on all the party. We sold over $6000.00, so when my representative handed me $600.00 I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT!! Now 2 of my friends booked to host a party, and I can’t believe I’ll be making 5% of their total sales at their party. For doing nothing!! It was an amazing night, where everyone had a great time and left with full pockets!


We had a FANTASTIC experience at our party! The team was extremely professional and very friendly at the same time. The best part of the party was that everyone received money for old broken jewellery that they DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THEY HAD!!! You have no idea the worth of some of these pieces. It is the easiest party in the world to organize, and you don’t even have to ask your friends to spend money…. They make it instead!! I would highly recommend hosting a party to everyone I know!


We all had so much fun! Everyone was pleasantly surprised with how much money they got for those old bits and pieces from their jewellery box. Very professional. Thanks for a fabulous evening.


AMAZING time. The team from SAGFC was phenomenal, a class act. They were punctual, professional and fun!! I made over $825.00 just for hosting the party. I can finally buy that flat-screen TV! And best of all, all my friends and family left with money too!


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